Wawasan Al-Qur’an Tentang Etika Eksplorasi Pertambangan

  • Nur Arfiyah Febriyani Dosen Pascasarjana Institut PTIQ Jakarta
  • Iin Yuniarni Praktisi bidang Pertambangan


Mining exploration ethic discourse is a thought initiation that is started to be explained since human activity has a global effect to- ward life. Epistimologically, Its concept is also a confromity initiation ecofenomenology-bassed ethic with qualitative analytical philosophy approach (methaetic). Since it’s related with the Qur’an, then, it added a thematic exegesis approach (maudhu’i), so its main idea revealed be- hind literal meaning and being equipped with scientic, academic, argu- mentative and proportional signs. The author in this paper observes that a well and Qur’anic-inline expolation behavior in mining occurs not on a coercon process, yet, based on conciousness of human intersependen- cy sense. As a result, theofanic methaethic intentionality relation which is formulated into the mining exploration ethic in Qur’anic perspective has a harmonious, justice and synergetic mission, as a holistic and inte- gralistic manifestation of humans role in explorating, utilizing, and pro- tecting mining resources through out 6-i (six-i) formulation: istima’r/ result orientation, iradah/independent, irtibâtha/connectivity, ihsan/ preferable, itqan/optimistic dan Iltizam/ consistent.