Menghindari Bias Jender dalam Penafsiran Al-Qur`an

  • Achmad Muchammad Dosen STIT NU Al-Hikmah Mojokerto


This article tries to parse various gender biases that are found in many things such as leadership, education, social, inheri- tance to the depiction of various facilities in heaven as if justified by Islam. Whereas the main error lies in the error in understanding the Qur’anic text which is less extensive and the error in perceiving the interpreters of the Qur’an which is predominantly made by men. It can’t be helped, the solution is to put the above problems proportio- nally by tracing the root of the problem, examining the principles of gender equality in the Qur’an, exploring various interpretive bia- ses in all Islamic literature, and finally the importance of socializing understanding that is not gender bias towards various concepts in Islam. By using this methodology, it is hoped that understanding of gender bias can be minimized and avoided, giving birth to a form of understanding that is more just, equitable and equivalent, which benefits progressive understanding of Islam in the future. With this effort, it is hoped that this understanding will become the starting point for a new, gender-free understanding of Islam, not an unders- tanding that always contains gender bias in it.